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Welcome to Key Bored Industries!

KBI is a little project started in 2010 with some models on the sandbox gaming site ROBLOX. In the summer of 2011, the website was created, originally with the intent to host these models and other game items. However, things turned out differently and currently, there is only a Music section, for instrumental electrotechno; a sadly infrequently updated News section; and the only project of mine that is currently any active at all, the Story section. If you would like more frequently updated music, check out my SoundCloud profiles: Qwertygiy (solo projects) Unsung Dragon (in collaboration with Raptor980)

ROBLOX, Buildism, Sploder, Linux Music Multimedia Studio, Nascar Racing Season 2003, and their respective editor programs are all separate entities with no affiliation to Key Bored Industries. | KBI website, models, songs, and games (C) 2010 - 2013 J***** H***** (Ghosty, GH05TY, or Qwertygiy). | Contact KBI |